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Food is a part of our roots

Located in the heart of Pincourt, L’Étoile offers a variety of dishes for every palate. Using only the freshest of ingredients and focusing only on homemade recipes, L’Étoile has mastered a creative way of serving comfort food at its finest. Recognized for our impressive hand-cut smoked meat, incredible caesar dressing, unique and delicious pizzas and submarines, as well as so many more specialty Greek and Italian dishes.

You may also find yourself with our outstanding rib steak while you select a beverage from the extensive wine and cocktail menu or quench your thirst with a cold beer from our bar. The generous portions satisfy all appetites. It is easy to escape in our welcoming and cozy ambiance whether it is for breakfast, lunch or supper.

Feel like staying in? L’Etoile will come to you with our generous delivery menu. Classical dishes combined with outstanding service will make for a memorable experience and have you coming back for more!